Peanut Butter Cup Cupcakes

It’s hard to believe I’ve been baking all this time and have not yet done anything with peanut butter. Who doesn’t like peanut butter?! It’s my boyfriend’s birthday and he is a tough one to bake for. He doesn’t really like much. He does love Reeces peanut butter cups, however.

I debated going with a peanut butter cake, but the chocolate cake was better fitting. I used my basic chocolate cake recipe.

for the icing, I kind of did my own thing with the influence of the internet (as everything is!)

1 stick of butter
1 cup of peanut butter

blend those two until creamy.

Then add about 1.5 cups of powdered sugar. Once that starts to get chunky, add a tablespoon or two of milk to get it back being “whippy.”

I then crushed up Reeces cups in my food chopper and added them on top of the icing. I had intentions to drizzle chocolate, but again, my chocolate drizzle failed me! One of these days I will figure out how to drizzle it perfectly.

Here it is!


Despite the drizzle fail, I love the way they look! I didn’t use a liner because I wanted to be able to see the chocolate cake. Because I didn’t do a liner, the cakes are more shallow as only the middle rose (funny how it doesn’t that!) But I’m pleased. And everybody LOVED them! So that’s always a winner.

Cake: A
Icing: A –


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