Sea-Salted Caramel Cupcakes

There is nothing I love more than caramel. I love the sugary flavor mixed with just a hint of salt to really bring out the flavor. While I have a deep love of caramel, I was always too scared to make it. It just seemed like so much work. I was craving caramel recently and decided to go for it, but I wanted caramel icing. Every icing I’ve mad prior was a made in my kitchen aid with colder products, so this would be a first at making icing on the stove. That thought kind of scared me. What if it was too warm?! Because I love the decorating aspect, I was really worried the icing would be too warm to stick to the shape I made it. But I went for it.

I got the recipe from Sally’s Baking Addictions. I followed it pretty precisely.

The cake was great. I didn’t taste an overwhelming amount of caramel. It was more extra rich because of the dark brown sugar, but I wouldn’t say it was caramel flavored.

The recipe…. oh man, that was amazing! I followed it exactly because I was worried of messing up. You basically make caramel on the stove, and then let it sit and whip powdered sugar into it to make icing. I let my caramel cool for about 20 minutes. I still think it was warm, but I went for it with the icing. The recipe made just enough for a dozen cupcakes. The icing was… to die for!!!! It was so rich in caramel flavor but wasn’t too rich to eat. It was perfect. While it was warm, it wasn’t too warm to melt and my cupcakes ended up looking great. I added a pinch of salt to top it off. I also drizzled chocolate on top.



Cake: B – nothing too special. I think it was good, but I’m more of a chocolate fan so it’s hard for a vanilla cake to really stand out. I also need to fill my liners a little bit more. I use my cupcake scoop that is supposed to be a perfect amount, but I think I underfill because I’m scared to have them too large.

Icing: A. It was perfect.

Decorating:  B + I need to learn how to water down my chocolate drizzle!


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