Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough on a cupcake!

I wasn’t feeling well tonight but I was in the mood to bake something but I didn’t know what. I went on Facebook and saw a friend post a picture of a batch of cupcakes she made that had chocolate chip cookie dough icing on them. I knew this would be my adventure tonight. I’ve been wanting to try a different icing out recipe of the norm and this fits the bill.

Chocolate cake is my basic chocolate cake recipe.

Icing recipe here.

I followed the recipe pretty exact. I added less milk because I was able to achieve a nice fluffy icing without adding that much. Be careful adding the brown sugar and the butter; your Kitchen-Aid will be put to the test! Also, I added a little extra vanilla for flavoring (I have a cold now, so it could have been fine but I can’t really taste anything!)


I think it came out incredible!!! I wasn’t sure how fluffy it would be, but it really is amazing. And it tastes just like dough!




Icing: A

Cake: A

Decorating: B (I never like how I decorate without a tip)


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