Mini Minions!

Who doesn’t love Minions?! They are cute, adorable, funny, and just plain awesome. My brother is a huge fan of Despicable Me (he’s 24) and I wanted to surprise him with cupcakes for his birthday. I thought of what would be the best design and then I decided that Minions would be best. I got my inspiration from this recipe.

For the cake I used my classic chocolate cake recipe.

For the icing I used my classic vanilla buttercream icing.


  • After letting the cupcakes cool, I made the icing and added yellow food coloring. (Note, make sure your cupcakes are only filled with a tablespoon of batter when you bake them. That insures that your cake will have a flat top and easier to decorate).
  • After I icing the cupcakes, I dipped them in yellow fine sugar to coat the top.
  • I decided to use Wilton Shape-N-Amaze to create the designs. I found the clay at AC Moore and it didn’t cost much at all. Rather than using candy in the shape of what I wanted, the clay looked a lot more professional.
  • I rolled out the white eyes in small flat circles by making little balls in my hands and them squeezing them down with my fingers.
  • I then used my rolling pin to roll out a flat piece of black to use for the band behind the eyes. I used a plastic knife to cut each band out (I was using my Silpat so I couldn’t use a sharp knife).
  • I put a little icing on the back of the band and then added it to the cupcake. Then I repeated with the eyes and added them on top of the band.
  • To finish, I used a Wilson Black Icing Pen to add the eyes and the mouth. I could have made my own icing for this, but since I was only using it for little accents, it was easier to buy it.

They were AMAZING!  The designs looked so good and everybody, including my brother, raved about them. I took them to work the next day and my coworkers loved them as well.

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Cake: A
Icing: A
Design: A


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