A cinnamon bun in a cupcake

I love cinnamon buns. Who doesn’t!? But what about a cinnamon bun in a cupcake?? Now there is an idea. I took this idea from my BH&D Cupcake Magazine that I spoke about earlier. It was super easy!

Recipe below:


The basics: You make the batter and in a separate bowl, mix the filling together (and try not to eat it all). Then you pour a tablespoon of batter in the cupcake pan, scoop in a little filling, and than pour a little more batter on top to just cover it.

cinnamon bun cupcake fulling

The process of adding the filling and pouring the batter back on top (I wish I could have covered them better. This was a learning process)


Icing: Basic cream cheese icing (The recipe calls for vanilla icing, but what cinnamon bun doesn’t come with cream cheese icing!?)




They were tasty!!!! I actually made them once before for a baby shower and everybody raved about them. They’re super easy and a definite crowd pleaser!

Recipe: A-

Icing: A – ( I made it a little thicker than normal)

Overall: A –


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